An Effective Solution for Hyperhydrosis

Stay dry and fresh with DRITAL, an effective hyperhidrosis treatment

Do you have sweaty hands, feet, underarms and skin chafing? While perspiration may be normal on a hot day or during physical activity, it’s an everyday reality for people with hyperhidrosis. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a tradesperson or simply someone dealing with excessive sweating, DRITAL is the secret weapon against the discomfort of perspiration. Fight hyperhidrosis symptoms with our tried-and-tested formula!

Powerful ingredients for fighting hyperhidrosis symptoms

What makes DRITAL so effective as a hyperhidrosis treatment? It’s all in the mix. We harnessed the power of diphemanil methylsulfate, zinc oxide and corn starch to give you a hyperhidrosis treatment that actually works. This dynamic trio works together to help your body produce less sweat and odours, the common hyperhidrosis symptoms that can make you feel uncomfortable.

No need to worry about harmful additives. We’ve formulated DRITAL to be both aluminium- and talc-free, ensuring a safe and effective solution for your skin. Keep the application below the neck for the best results and for external use only!

And we get it — you want a hyperhidrosis treatment that lasts. DRITAL doesn’t just promise but delivers a minimum of five hours of dryness and freshness to your problematic areas. So whether you’re hitting the gym, working outdoors or just navigating daily life, DRITAL is the key to staying comfortably dry. It’s safe for individuals aged 12 and up, making DRITAL a reliable choice of hyperhidrosis treatment for a broad range of users.

Grab DRITAL for an instant freshness upgrade!

DRITAL is your versatile and effective hyperhidrosis treatment. Whether for your underarms, palms, feet or even those troublesome spots that fold and trap moisture, DRITAL has got you covered. Say goodbye to excessive sweating and regain confidence and comfort in your own skin — order DRITAL now! Available in 50g tubes and value packs below.