The idea for DRITAL began when community Pharmacists and Gavin along with industry expert Matt, joined forces to reformulate an alternative to the long-established Prantal Powder, which is currently discontinued.

They created a product using the same active ingredients (Diphemanil Methylsulfate). They engaged the help of local Victoiral TGA licensed manufacturer and together they produced their new perspiration controlling powder called DRITAL.

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Discover what makes DRITAL stand out: its unparalleled efficacy in tackling hyperhidrosis symptoms, providing multifaceted relief for a better quality of life.

DRITAL Powder is a versatile solution designed for people from all walks of life. Whether you're an active individual, a professional or someone who values comfort and confidence, DRITAL Powder is here to solve your hyperhidrosis issues. 

At the core of DRITAL's effectiveness lies its unique composition. Our formula seamlessly combines Diphemanil Methylsulfate, cornstarch and zinc oxide to offer comprehensive protection against sweaty hands, feet, underarms, skin chafing and odour.

Unlike deodorants that merely mask sweat-related odours, DRITAL takes a proactive approach by effectively controlling excessive sweating. This is made possible by the inclusion of Diphemanil Methylsulfate, a key component in our formula. This potent compound counteracts the parasympathetic nerves responsible for regulating sweat production, ultimately reducing perspiration. 

Experience the difference today with the best hyperhidrosis treatment in Australia from DRITAL and discover why we're revolutionising hyperhidrosis management. Contact us today and take the first step towards a sweat-free, confident you.

Skin Chafing

DRITAL Powder is your reliable shield against skin chafing and irritation. Whether you're an athlete, someone who loves outdoor activities or simply seeking comfort in your daily routine, DRITAL Powder enables you to move with freedom and comfort, ensuring that skin chafing is never a concern.

Excessive Sweating

Bid farewell to the discomfort and embarrassment of hyperhidrosis. DRITAL is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain composure in social or professional settings or just desires long-lasting freshness.

Foot Odour

Tired of worrying about sweaty feet and unpleasant foot odour? DRITAL Powder is the solution you've been searching for. Whether you're on your feet all day or simply want to enjoy odour-free comfort, DRITAL Powder has got you covered.

Sweaty Palms

If you're grappling with sweaty palms and the discomfort hyperhidrosis can bring, you can count on DRITAL Powder to absorb excess moisture and provide a dry, confident grip. This is especially valuable for those who need a secure grip in various activities, from sports enthusiasts to professionals who rely on precision in their work.


DRITAL was created by a team of experienced Australian Pharmacists, who believe everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin.